Khushboo Sachdev: Director, Su-vastika Systems Private Limited

Khushboo Sachdev shoulders the strategic, business and operational res­pon­­sibilities of Su-vastika. Her deep-rooted un­derstan­ding of the nuances of the solar energy business and knowledge of its trends have ensured Su-vastika’s entry into new markets. Prior to this, she has had stints with prestigious cor­porations such as Headstrong, EXL, G4S Securities, and American Express. Sachdev believes […]

What is Elevatophobia and how to get rid of it forever

Elevatophobia Phobia is an arbitrary fear of an object, space, feeling, or situation. Social phobia (Fear of Social Interactions), Arachnophobia (Fear of Spiders), Mysophobia (fear of germs or dirt), Acrophobia (Fear of heights), etc. are some common types of phobias. One more type of phobia, though not officially listed as one, is Elevatophobia or Elevaphobia, […]

Power Storage Solutions launched in India

In several developing nations, power outages are commonplace, whether in residential or business sectors. Su-vastika, one of India’s most promising power storage and power start-up companies, is leading the charge and transforming the power backup storage sector in the country. But, in a country like India, where power outages and power cuts occur more frequently […]

Top Tips For Buyers Looking To Purchase Inverter And Save Money In The Process

The ability to choose different battery sizes is a crucial and must-have function for any UPS. The advanced UPS by Su-vastika includes a battery selection capability that gives customers the advantage of choosing the proper battery size needed for UPS installation. Let’s use Dimple as an example to understand it better. Almost every day, there are power […]

Diesel Generator vs. ESS which solution is best in today’s climate?

You can see diesel sets everywhere, whether you visit shopping centers, residential communities, or office buildings, especially in underdeveloped and emerging countries like India. However, this practice of getting power through Diesel generators in case of power failure is fast becoming a thing of the past. This is because these DG sets not only pollute […]

IoT Software From Su-vastika Is Set To Revolutionize The Inverter and Home UPS Market

At a time when wifi-based UPS is innovating the inverter/UPS and home UPS market, Su-vastika’s Wifi based home solution is giving users the solace of controlling their Su-vastika’s UPS/Inverters with their smartphone. This marks one of the first occurrences since the advent of Pure Sine Wave Technology, first bought by Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, that enables users to finally […]

Power Storage with Renewable Energy- is it possible?

After the introduction of LiFePO4 batteries and the continuous improvement in battery technology where the density is reduced, and the life cycle is improved, and most of the world is working on these technologies has revolutionized the renewable industry. The Renewable industry is mainly dependent on Grid feed systems where the solar is fed through […]

Deciding between Sinewave vs. Squarewave/Sinosidal Inverter/UPS

“Would you like to purchase a square wave inverter/UPS or a sine wave inverter/UPS?” This may be one of the most frequent inquiries you encounter while trying to buy a power converter. So what exactly is an inverter/ups? Alternating current (AC) power is used by the vast majority of home electrical appliances. On the other […]

How IoT is going to revolutionize the Inverter/UPS, and Home UPS market

Wifi-based UPS has brought a revolution that hasn’t been seen in the industry for ages. Indian power storage manufacturer Su-vastika is spearheading this revolution by making Wi-Fi a part of its products. Now its users can control their UPS simply by their smartphones, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity of Su-vastika’s UPS/Inverters. Why is it such a big deal? With […]

The Lithium Battery Technology is going to change the Battery Storage Solutions

The Latest Lithium battery Technology is going to change the paradigm of storage solutions in the long run as today people are using different type of Lead Acid batteries for storage which is SMF, Tubular or Gel based tubular or SMF technologies which have lit of challenges and limitations. The first limitation is cycle life […]

Su-vastika becomes India’s First Start-up To Get Start Explore House Certificate

Su-vastika Systems Private Limited (Gurugram, Haryana) has received recognition from the Indian government as a Star Export House owing to its success in exporting. This new development has finally made Su-vastika Systems the first hardware startup to receive the much-renowned accreditation. Speaking about their success, Khushbhoo Sachdev, CEO of the company, said, “I am proud to […]

Why is the future of all vehicles with LiFePO4 ?

A lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery is a type of lithium-ion battery that charges and discharges at a faster rate. It is a rechargeable battery with a cathode of LiFePO4 and an anode of graphitic carbon with a metallic backing. LiFePO4 batteries have a lower energy density and operate at lower voltages than lithium-ion batteries. […]