Start-up Su-vastika Solar received a Patent for its IoT Based System from the Government of India

Start-up Su-vastika Solar received a Patent for its IoT Based System from the Government of India

– All set to cater to EV and solar industry to charge the batteries made of future technologies.

Su-vastika, a startup led by Ms. Khushboo Sachdev, has been awarded a patent by the Government of India for its IoT-based system for multiple battery selection. The firm has been backed by a strong team of technocrats who are innovating newer technologies and filing patents on the storage, solar, and EV industries.

Su-Vastika creates energy storage solutions for a sustainable future. The focus area of the firm is solar energy and backup industries; they plan to further disrupt these business areas by applying for money where their mouth is and backing it up by providing result-oriented technology. Su-vastika is widely considered one of the fastest-growing companies for power storage and power solutions in India, Africa, the Middle East, and South East Asia.

Patent on Future charging Technology, which is going to be the future technology as far as chargers are being made for the EV industry, Solar charge controllers, Inverter/UPS chargers, chargers made for drones or any other industrial chargers for Lithium batteries, or future type of Batteries will be launched with the future technologies of the battery.

The day’s challenge is that we need to change the inverter/UPS or solar charge controllers if we need to change the battery from Lead Acid to Lithium battery technology. Even people using Electric scooters which are running on the Lead Acid SMF batteries need to change the charger if they shift to Lithium batteries. This will be the same way for the EV chargers for the cars or buses once the Lithium technology changes to newer technologies like solid state or Sodium batteries every time the new chargers need to be designed and replaced. We have come out with the technology where the chargers are designed with IoT technology and connected with a central server, and the chargers are programmed through the central server, and we can change the program of the charger at any given time so that the future technology battery charging profile can be changed at any given time in the installed charger through the central server.

About Su-Vastika

Su-vastika is one of the fastest-growing startups with a strong presence in international regions such as Africa, the Middle East, and South-East Asia.  The firm’s products include a solar inverter that can handle both off-grid and on-grid solar energy. In addition, they provide three-phase heavy-duty inverter/ups systems, single-phase high capacity inverter/ups systems, hybrid off-grid Solar Inverter/UPS, PCU storage solutions, solar panels, online UPS, residential UPS, and many more to list. To capture the worldwide market, their objective is to create more advanced technologies and make progressive adaptations.

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