Top Tips For Buyers Looking To Purchase Inverter And Save Money In The Process

The ability to choose different battery sizes is a crucial and must-have function for any UPS. The advanced UPS by Su-vastika includes a battery selection capability that gives customers the advantage of choosing the proper battery size needed for UPS installation. Let’s use Dimple as an example to understand it better. Almost every day, there are power […]

How IoT is going to revolutionize the Inverter/UPS, and Home UPS market

Wifi-based UPS has brought a revolution that hasn’t been seen in the industry for ages. Indian power storage manufacturer Su-vastika is spearheading this revolution by making Wi-Fi a part of its products. Now its users can control their UPS simply by their smartphones, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity of Su-vastika’s UPS/Inverters. Why is it such a big deal? With […]

What factors make Diesel generators unsuitable for people and businesses?

Generators have previously been used as a backup energy source in workplaces and homes. However, their use has recently declined significantly. UPS/inverters have already met the demand for smaller generators. Larger generators should be replaced with heavy-duty UPS/inverters now.   Here are all of the reasons for this shift. Delays and interruptions are caused by […]

What is emergency rescue device?

An Emergency Rescue Device (ERD) is an electronic and electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to the elevators with 3-phase power supply, when the input power source or mains power fails. An ERD differs from an auxiliary or emergency power system or standby generator in that it will provide near-instantaneous protection from input power interruptions, […]

Why replace Generators with new UPS technology as 200kva?

Power outages are common, especially in developing nations like India. Frequent power cuts without any backup system can severely hamper the normal workflow in houses and workplaces. Even the most successful businesses complain about the detrimental impact of regular power outages on their businesses. One can imagine the chaos at the workplaces, educational institutions, hospitals, […]

Using Bi-directional technology in inverter

As the uninterrupted supply of power for household and commercial use is becoming more uncertain, the demand for energy backup technologies such as UPS and inverters is skyrocketing. But pervasive adoption of energy backup devices also requires the manufacturers to integrate more efficient technologies such as bi-directional technology to provide the users with better and […]

Why a pure Sine wave technology is a must for your inverter?

Frequent power cuts can disrupt your work and life. However, you cannot let it happen for long. Therefore, using power backup technologies such as inverter/UPS is becoming widespread to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. But the choice of the right inverter/UPS technology and the power quality you get through them is an important consideration. One […]

Why is an Emergency Rescue Device (ERD) indispensable for Lifts?

Have you ever been on a lift that stopped working due to power failure while you were still far from reaching your desired destination? If not, imagine the scenario for a second! The lift suddenly gives a few jerks and stops, lights are blinking on and off, and a deadly silence engulfs everything. On top […]