IoT Software From Su-vastika Is Set To Revolutionize The Inverter and Home UPS Market

IoT Software From Su-vastika Is Set To Revolutionize The Inverter and Home UPS Market

At a time when wifi-based UPS is innovating the inverter/UPS and home UPS market, Su-vastika’s Wifi based home solution is giving users the solace of controlling their Su-vastika’s UPS/Inverters with their smartphone.

This marks one of the first occurrences since the advent of Pure Sine Wave Technology, first bought by Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, that enables users to finally check the status of their UPS using the wifi connectivity on their smartphone.

Su-vastika UPS is a significant accomplishment for the sector as it guarantees 100% connectivity with a maximum lag of 2 seconds. 

This means that the load is immediately switched to the battery mode even if you neglected to turn off some of your appliances or lights. 

This will also give you the opportunity to remotely turn off the lights and appliances and conserve battery life so that you are not met with a dark house because the battery has run out. 

You will also have the option to choose the UPS type by switching between the narrow window and wide window according to your individual requirements at any time during the day.

Under “Settings,” you can view all the essential parameters such as Battery Type, Grid Charging Current, Priority, Low Voltage Cut, Ambient Temperature, and Buzzer.

You can now switch between the battery types if you’re using more than one battery. The options include Lead Acid, Tubular, Sealed Maintenance Free, and Lithium Ion. Battery capacity will also be shown.

Since all factors relating to your battery are continually and in-real-time checked, you no longer need to be concerned about it being discharged. Every time your Load Wattage goes into overload mode, you will be notified about it as a buzzer will go off.

Su-vastika also offers a handbook for solar installation, enabling you to set up your solar production system correctly and guarantee that your solar panels are producing the most power possible. 

Additionally, a lot of other aspects can be managed by your app, as you can see on your phone’s screen. 

As is clear, most off-grid UPS/Inverters are unable to provide a transparent view of the battery charging process when the battery is charged using solar power or solar power in combination with mains power. 

But in order to provide you complete peace of mind, our app has been created to keep you informed of significant events involving your inverter or UPS installed at your house or place of business.

You won’t need any testing equipment during installation because after you’ve verified the panel’s location, you can check the actual wattage on your phone.

Customers can also view the dust status and creation in low-wattage situations and contrast this information with data from earlier days. 

The most intriguing feature of this device is that it will make it possible to share battery charging between the grid or mains and solar, which is highly challenging to do with current products of this kind on the market.

However, operating PCs or other general loads might be tricky with a normal inverter/UPS or solar system. 

This will include settings for UPS mode or broad UPS mode.

Su-vastika even offers a buzzer option for inverter/UPS or solar inverter problems. Once the problem has been fixed, the noise may be turned off in the app’s settings.

Once your solar system is online, you can view the power usage of your solar system in terms of wattage. This can also be verified by looking for the prompt “The voltage is normal, and appliances connected are safe in this zone.”

In Mains Mode, you can view the Mains Input Voltage, Battery Status, Mains Status, Grid Charging Power, Solar Status, along with Charge Sharing Percentage. 

If the Mains goes into overload mode, you will be notified on your smartphone. Remember, even low voltage can affect the working of your connected appliances (appliances connected to your mains), so these alters must also be taken very seriously, and appropriate actions should be taken to prevent damage to your appliances.

This smartphone-based wifi solution can even sense a short circuit and prompt you to check the wiring and then reset the front switch. You can also view each art’s screen recording and all the past instances.

As you can see, Su-vastika UPS has been endowed with additional features that will keep it miles ahead of its competitors.

It is a well-known truth that when choosing a smaller battery, customers frequently find it difficult to determine if their battery has been fitted in the proper settings. 

This is because the majority of dealer staff lack enough training and are prone to making critical installation errors like entering the incorrect settings.

By including a battery image and capacity on the phone’s screen, which acts as a reference for the dealer’s employees, Su-vastika resolves this long-standing problem. 

If the end user feels that a setting needs to be changed, they can utilize this guide to make the necessary modifications.

The Government of India has granted Su-vastika a patent for “An IoT Based System and Method For Multiple Battery Selection” as a result of the invention in this industry.

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