Su-Vastika Solar: The Solar Solution

Introducing: Su-vastika Solar, the power storage solutions company which is driven by technology, passion, and innovation.

Su-vastika focuses on satisfying Indian customers’ needs by focusing specifically on their requirements. The top solar power generation company in India, the products offered by the company are dedicated to withstanding Indian climate and temperature conditions, and hence, they perform excellently in even the most testing of conditions. The secret? We make use of solar power, one of the world’s most under-used and under-rated forms of energy, to provide backup solutions in Delhi NCR. When all else fails, the sun is still there to provide us with the energy we need to keep going.

Who’s Behind Su-Vastika?

So, who’s behind Su-vastika solar? If you are new to the solar industry, there’s one name to be known: Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, the Managing Director of Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd. An entrepreneur, marketer, innovator, motivational speaker, thinker, and leader, Mr. Sachdev is a jack of all trades who has found a calling in revolutionizing the power industry in India, namely by addressing pressing issues pertaining to climate change and its impact on access to power in emergency situations – or any time that power backup may be required. Kunwer’s products are not only used in India, but likewise in the Middle East, Southeast Asia (namely Bangladesh and Nepal), as well as select countries in Africa. Having launched Su-Kam Power Systems earlier (in 1998), the company then expanded significantly, later on selling products in over 90 countries and having over 1200 distributors internationally. The company then closed in August of 2018, giving a place for Su-vastika Solar to emerge, Sachdev’s newest entrepreneurial endeavor.

First, There Was Su-Kam

Su-kam expanded quickly and became widely known for its expertise in the solar energy industry. In fact, it also became widely known for filing the largest number of patents in the power back-up industry, with on average two patents being filed each month – including 76 technology patents in India, the United States, and other countries. This was greatly influenced by the company’s innovative mindset and ambitions – for example, the company became the first to launch plastic body inverters, a product that made it on the list of the top ten innovations of the decade in 2010. The company also introduced innovative products including India’s first touchscreen Solar PCU with an MPPT solar charge controller that could be controlled remotely using a smartphone and wifi. It likewise introduced solar street lights using built-in lithium ion batteries – more efficient batteries than those found in traditional street lights (lead acid).

Solar Solutions for Big Businesses

Su-vastika is here to pick up where Su-Kam left off and to continue its legacy. Led by Kunwer, named the “Inverter Man of India” and the “Solar man of India”, Su-vastika is continuing Su-kam’s great work. Su-vastika is using top-of-the-line technology to continuously fulfill India’s context-specific needs. It is using lithium batteries to power High Capacity UPS that can, according to Kunwer, replace big generators in commercial buildings. Likewise, lithium batteries can be used to run high-capacity machinery including CNC, Moulding machines, alongside heavy medical equipment. One of the key benefits offered by Su-vastika Solar is its products’ ability to bring a company’s overall energy costs down – lithium battery technology is bringing the revolution in the Heavy Duty 3-Phase UPS because of its low cost – it is cheaper to operate while it can also be easily maintained without needing to be refueled with oil and/or receiving constant maintenance.

Solar for a Sustainable Future

It’s time to change the way we use power. Oil won’t be around forever. Oil cracking and usage is also at the root of many of our climate problems – some that are worsening our access to power, such as electricity, due to climate extremes and floods that hurt our power sources. Wind energy and solar energy, especially in India, are key sources to exploit if we are going to go into a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. With Su-vastika, you say goodbye to sources of power that are expensive and unsustainable, and you welcome new forms of power that are provided to us everyday by nature: solar power. Su-vastika however goes one step further: it applies modern tech to power solutions, namely by including bluetooth technology and a GPS chip in each lithium battery to ensure a smooth replacement process when the battery needs a change. Speaking of change – Su-vastika has thought of it too! You can track the battery status with the technology installed in our products.

The future of power generation can be easy, cheap, and clean. With Kunwer’s experience, expertise, deep knowledge and vast business acumen, Su-vastika is in the right hands to see tremendous success!

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