Khushboo Sachdev Managing Director Su-vastika System Private Limited 

Su-Vastika is a rapidly scaling startup that is preparing robust energy storage systems for a sustainable future. With an expert team of professionals from various industries, and under the leadership of Khushboo Sachdev, the company aims to disrupt and reform the solar energy and backup landscape. We are a Power Storage and Power Generation Company as we generate power through solar energy and help in finding solutions to your problems related to Power Storage.

Q. How has Su-vastika Solar grown over the years and what a milestone has it achieved? Which are the specialist segments that Su-vastika Solar is successfully focused on?

Su-vastika has grown in a satisfactory upward curve since its inception, from being a start up to 60 Crore company in less than 3 years.

We have been lucky to have a couple of milestones in this short journey the top ones being namely our Intellectual Property growth; we have filed over 30 technology patents and have already received 2 Technology patents and numerous Trademarks, design patents and have many copyrights material under our belt.

We have had a breakthrough in developing new products for lift backups the Emergency Rescue Device which replaces the old technology of ARD. We have installed our products in nearly 200 sites and have success in running hassle free for more than one year in various high rise buildings to name a few Tata Housing, M3M, BPTP and Signature Towers etc. This technology has given a big relief to the customers as lot of people used to struck into the lifts with the earlier basic technology.

Our range of big products from 5-15 KVA Inverter/UPS storage solutions along with 3 phase Heavy Duty UPS having the range from 10KVA to 250 KVA which is to replace the generator sets as the Govt has banned DG sets in the Delhi NCR. Also working on Ongrid and Off grid solar solutions aggressively which is the future of the world.

Q. What is Su-vastika Solar areas of expertise and its initiatives in promoting innovative and sustainable solutions to optimize time and cost benefits for clients?

Su-vastika’s area of expertise is providing storage solutions for every need of the customer be it small products to big backup solutions with most advanced features and remote monitoring of the systems which are solar compatible. We work on solving the problem of the customer for example ensuring longer battery life in the Lead Acid battery we have introduced ATC technology which increases the battery life and increases the back up time along with other host of features. Also focusing on Wi-Fi based monitoring and controlling solutions for our various product range. Our latest project of inbuilt Lithium-Ion batteries backup solutions will solve the problem of needing huge space for a traditional Lead Acid Battery bank and it will give longer backup life too.

Q. What are your plans for capacity expansion and for growing your basket of value-added products?

We intend to raise funds in the next two years as for basket of products is concerned our Research and Development in the area of Lithium Ion, Solar and Lift storage solutions are ever evolving and will keep getting updated with new technologies, for example we have developed products with Wi-fi that will enable any customer to see the status of their storage solutions over the mobile device.

Our application shares information on battery health, back up time, power sharing between grid and solar etc. in very consumer friendly easy to understand graphics. We like to take technology to people so they understand more about it.

Q. Due to COVID-19, several industries are now using new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, etc. How is the construction and infrastructure industry using these technologies? Does it affect the industry or employment?

Yes, all the industries are making a shift towards the AI based products and we are also working on the AI based products, in fact all our products have an intelligent program that goes in the micro controller and this program controls the functions and features of the inverter.

We are providing digital warranty in our products so the hassle of keeping papers etc can be done away with and helps in keeping a check on false claims and tracking of AMC.

It may look like that technology is taking away some jobs because machines provide accuracy and speed but that doesn’t mean new jobs are not being created. It also is opening many new fields of work. Specially the Wi-Fi based UPS we have introduced help the customer to check for any faults remotely without any visit to the customer and customers are really liking these kinds of things.

Q. As quality comes with a price, how do you balance quality with affordability?

Quality is one of our prime factors that we stress on because our largest customer base is oversees, Africa, Middle East and Asia, so we have to ensure that all our products are checked for quality thoroughly leaving no possible margin for error.

We have developed Automatic Testing Machines at all important checkpoints in out production unit and all components like transformer, PCB Cards and the final product are checked and passed by the testing Machines in order to remove the manual error that can happen in testing by persons. These machines are having latest AI softwares built in and can be used for various other industries as well.

These machines do the various tests in a particular time and has a printer attached to it which comes out after the test is finished. So, these stickers become the quality control check point for all our products.

Al these stickers are having QR code which is automatically generated through these machines and there is no room for error by our testing attaching few pictures for your reference as well. We have filed technology patents already on all these machines.

Q. What are the new products shown by Su-vastika Solar in recent years?

Our MPPT based solar pcu are a seeing a demand from the market, Solar industry is growing by the day and customers need reliable Indian products this is the space we are looking at capturing for our bug storage solution from 5-15 KVA in single phase and 10 to 200 KVA in 3 phase range.

Also, the ban on diesel generators is another area where our heavy-Duty UPS products both single and three phase are playing a major part in providing reliable maintenance free power back up products to hotels, schools, hospitals, commercial as well as residential buildings.

Lithium-Ion inbuilt storage solutions that we have developed will solve multiple problems of the customers.

Q. What will be the industry’s outlook for coming years?

In my opinion industry will see a huge shift from lead acid batteries to Lithium-Ion based battery. As not only this is cheap in pricing compared to Lead acid, but also is attractive for the customer. The life of these batteries is 8 to 10 years whereas the Lead Acid life is 2 to 3 years.

The Wi-Fi based technology attracted the customer first time to understand the feature of inverter/UPS as the customer always thought of these products as having simple technology but after seeing wifi technology customer realizes the high tech of inverter/UPS.

Another area is definitely replacing generators, with the pressing environment issues, alternatives of generators is the need of the hour.

Q. What positive impact will the Budget 2022-23 have on the solar industry?

The push to increase the share of PV module manufacturing seems promising but it also requires a lot of support from the government. So, its still to be seen how things will unfurl by end of year. But at least I see prices of solar panels going up due to the ban on Chinese products and increase in GST on panels and solar Inverters.

Q. How is your export business shaping up?

Exports is our main domain we have been supplying to many countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia. The penetration of market is increasing and we are continuously opening newer geographical locations each year. Focussing on South American countries as that is also a big region for us. The demand for made in India products is huge and people have garnered trust in us.

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