ESS Startup Su-vastika has been granted a patent for a breakthrough IoT-based BMS technology

The technology patent number is 403377 Technology patent No 403377 has been granted to Su-vastika Solar. It is a start-up company in the field of Energy Storage System/ESS having Solar and Lithium Technologies. It also has strong technology for Emergency Rescue Devices for lift backups.

This patent is related to the Battery Management System which controls the Lithium battery bank and has the features to control the Lithium bank in terms of cell voltage, temperature, Current, and various other parameters so that the battery cell performs the best of its life and saves the Lithium battery bank from the fire in any worst event. It has the latest monitoring features which include GPS, Bluetooth, GSM, and wifi-based communication features to control the battery bank remotely.

This patent was filed in November 2021 and has been recently granted. This innovation can be extremely important for India as the Govt of India has just notified new norms for Lithium battery banks as lot of fire incidents have taken place recently in Electric Vehicles. This is a great pride for this Indian company to come up with such a breakthrough solution.

India is taking the lead in getting into the ESS Energy storage system and Lithium is an integral part of it.

Su-vastika has been designing battery banks that are 10 KW to 500 KW capacity which will be instrumental in changing the Diesel Generators to ESS technology.
It’s cheaper to run the Energy Storage System with the Lithium bank compare to the Diesel Generators as the cost of running the DG set is 3 times of the Energy Storage System and if we take the 200 KVA Diesel Generator Set to the 200 KVA ESS than within approximately 2 years cost of the battery is recovered and the same battery has the life of 7 to 10 years.

As the times are changing the ESS will be taking over the Diesel Generator space very soon and the looks of the products and maintenance and the space taken by the ESS is no comparison to the old technology of DG sets.

Also, the diesel storage and logistics of the Diesel and the pollution created by the DG sets are all big issues that Su-vastika is on course to solve. By putting solar technology along with the ESS the power generation along with the storage will be an ideal combination. Where ever space is available for the solar panels is available then solar ESS is the sure shot way of earning money through the gid feed as well as storage energy which is available at the cheapest cost. About Su-vastika Solar Su-vastika Solar is a start-up company that provides revolutionary power storage solutions and is driven by technology, enthusiasm, and invention. Su-vastika focuses on meeting the demands of Indian customers by tailoring to their specific needs. As one of India’s leading solar power generation firms, the company’s world-class products are designed to survive the Indian environment and temperature conditions. No surprise, every Su-vastika product performs admirably in even the most extreme conditions. Su-vastika’s success is due to its commitment to innovation at every stage, which allows them to efficiently employ solar power to provide backup solutions in Delhi NCR like no other power company in India. To learn more visit: Media Contact Company Name: Su-vastika Systems Pvt Ltd Contact Person: Khushboo Sachdev Email: Country: India

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