A startup in India has been granted a technology patent on a solar hybrid system for the first time

Su-vastika Solar, an India-based start-up, was recently granted a patent for “An Improved Solar Grid Hybrid Subsystem with IOT Based Power Backup System.” The patent number issued by the Indian government is 408390. This patent is critical for India because it includes grid feed as well as off-grid features that can be controlled via IoT. This technology will be a huge help to countries like India, where power is not always available. In India, for example, there are still several places where power outages occur on a regular basis.

When this occurs, the grid powering the inverter system is rendered ineffective. But, if we think about it, solar energy is still available and ready to be harvested. Su-unique vastika’s system charges the batteries with solar power and then uses the stored power during a power outage, acting as an ordinary inverter/UPS. The technology that enables it has a proprietary algorithm for producing isolation-based normal inverters/UPS, grid feed inverters, and off-grid inverters/UPS, allowing a single product to be used in all three conditions.

Furthermore, DC power can be extracted via the charge controller and used to directly charge the battery via the solar and the main using the same system that can feed power into the grid. This improves solar efficiency energy usage.

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